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Children make men fat

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Men Gain Over 4 Pounds for Every Child they Have

Children make men fat

Women are not the only ones that gain wight after having children. Men also put on the pounds, with a new study finding that fathers gain about 4 lbs for every child they have.

Conducted by researchers at America’s Northwestern University and published in the American Journal of Men’s Health, the study involved more than 10,000 men consisting of fathers, resident fathers (lived with their children) and non-resident fathers, following them from adolescence to adulthood. On average, resident dads gained 4.4 lbs after the birth of their first child, non-resident dads who did not live with their child put on 3.3 lbs, and single men with no children actually lost 1.4 lbs.

Fathers around the world have reacted to the findings, with Dad blogger John Kinnear confessing to have gained 25 lbs after two children and one man attributing his weight gain to feeling the need to finish his children’s left-overs.

For those who like to stay fit, it can be difficult, if not impossible, to wake up for a morning run after a long night with the kids, not to mention the stress of raising them to adulthood…

Whatever the reasons might be, it is now an established fact that fatherhood makes you fat, compounding the long known fact that marriage also makes you fat.

The results of the 20-year study surprised lead researcher Dr. Garfield, who has done previous research that showed that fatherhood makes men clean up their act. Smoking stops and beer nights become less of a priority. You would think they would be losing weight rather than gaining it…

Needless to say, while fathers everywhere scratch their heads wondering were all their fat came from, they should nevertheless be role models of healthy behavior for their children. Eat healthy, drink healthy and exercise often to live long enough to see your children grow up.

Excessive weight gain can cause various illnesses, including diabetes, heart failure and cancer. No one in their right mind wants that…

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