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Rubbing Garlic on Skin Treats Acne, Pimples and Blemishes?

The numerous health benefits of garlic are well-document and cannot be understated. It might be time to add another one to the list.

Apparently, garlic can help treat unwanted facial spots, especially pimples and acne.

The common kitchen ingredient piqued the interest of the blogosphere ever since blogger Farah Dhukai tested its efficacy on herself, releasing a video providing a before and after look at the results.

In the video, the beauty guru attempts to treat clear a pimple near her chin by rubbing a glove of garlic on it. After a night’s rest, it had magically disappeared.

The internet, as you probably already know, is an interesting place to scour for extraordinary health claims, with some rather radical approaches including using toothpaste as a facial mask to achieve a blemish-free skin and a do-it-yourself turmeric-based concoction that supposedly removes the dark shadows around yours eyes.

Whether or not these home remedies work has many scratching their heads, but the latest garlicky trend shows some promise.

You see, garlic has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties that can conceivably help you eliminate skin blemishes caused by bacteria and fungi. It’s rich in a chemical called allicin, which kills off many harmful bacteria and viruses your body might be fighting.

Sure, you might bulk at the idea of rubbing raw garlic directly to your skin let alone keeping garlic sap on the trouble area overnight, but wouldn’t you try anything if you woke up one day with the mother of all pimples on your chin?

It’s a lot more inconspicuous than walking around the house with toothpaste all over our face… but a whole lot stinker. Plus, if Dhukai’s little experiment is to believed, it’s a every effective remedy.

Will you be rubbing raw garlic all over your face to treat your pimple and acne and achieve a blemish-free skin? Do you really have anything to lose in trying?

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