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Chili Pepper Benefits

Food Research

Chili Pepper Benefits: Hot Peppers Fight Obesity

Chili Pepper Benefits

Spice food lovers trying to lose weight and stay healthy would be happy to know that chili peppers fights obesity. There are many chili pepper benefits you should familiarize yourself with…

Past studies have found that eating spicy food at least once a week can significantly reduce the risk of mortality from all-causes, particularity heart disease, cancer and respiratory diseases. Now new research has discovered that hot peppers contain chemical receptors capable of activating nerves in the stomach that make the brain think you’re full.

According to ABC News, scientists from Adelaide University’s Center for Nutrition and Gastrointestinal Diseases stumbled upon the new chili pepper benefits after digging deeper into previous research on capsaicin, a compound found in hot chilies that has been proven to reduce food consumption.

Dr. Stephen Kentish provided some elaboration:

“What we have studied and identified is that if we get rid of this channel [receptors], and make these nerves unable to respond to capsaicin, the mice in the study, actually consumed more food, which suggests that this is a mechanism that is potentially vital in controlling how much food we eat.

Amanda Page, lead researcher of the ‘chili pepper benefits’ study, added:

“What we’ve discovered is that deletion of TRPV1 receptors dampens the response of gastric nerves to stretch – resulting in a delayed feeling of fullness and the consumption of more food. Therefore, part of the effect of capsaicin on food intake may be mediated via the stomach. We also found that TRPV1 receptors can be disrupted in high-fat-diet-induced obesity.”

The goal of the ‘chili pepper benefits’ study, which was published in in the journal PLOS ONE, is to see how feasible chili peppers are as a potential treatment for both obesity and the prevention of weight gain. Further research will look into the effectiveness of using the chemical receptors — minus the spiciness — in therapy.

Did you know that peppers are actually fruits and not vegetables? You should probably start eating them as often as you do apples, bananas and oranges. You won’t regret it…

Stay tuned to FoodTribute for more chili pepper benefits as they are discovered.

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