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Soft drinks in fridge

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Diet Soda Causes Depression, Has Many Long Term Health Risks

Soft drinks in fridge

Soft drinks play a major role in the diet of most Americans and Canadians, which helps explain why there is an obisity pandemic. In fact soft drinks are so bad that in addition to causing obesity, they are also linked to major health risks such as fatty liver and diabetes. Even diet soda isn’t healthy…

A 590 ml bottle coke has 240 calories from sugar alone, more than what the body needs daily. Oddly, diet sodas try to eliminate all that unhealthy sugar by replacing it with one of the most dangerous chemicals you can consume – aspartame!

Aspartame is a sweeter that causes seizures, heart palpitations, numbness, tachycardia, joint pains, memory loss, vertigo and loss of taste, and many other adverse effects. Moreover, it can also trigger or worsen brain tumors, Alzheimer’s, Diabetes, mental retardation, birth defects, epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease and multiple sclerosis among other chronic illnesses. You can learn more by clicking here.

According to the authors of ‘Prescription for Natural Healing’, aspartame is composed of three chemicals — aspartic acid, phenylalanine and methanol — that are dangerous on their own.

In the case of aspartic acid, Dr. Russell L. Blaylock, a professor of neurosurgery at the Medical University of Mississippi, has published a book thoroughly detailing the damage that is caused by consuming excessive aspartic acid from aspartame. He made use of almost 500 scientific references to show how excess free excitatory amino acids like aspartic acid in our food supply are causing serious chronic neurological disorders and a myriad of other acute symptoms.

Authority Nutrition states that drinking diet sodas can cause depression and pre-term delivery, citing a study of 263,925 adults aged from 51-71 that found that those who drank diet sodas were 30% more likely to have depression over a period of 10 years.

Another study looking at 59,334 pregnant woman in Denmark discovered that those who consumed one diet drink per day increased their risk of premature birth by 38% increase , while those who drank more than 4 servings per day increased their risk by a whopping 78%. In fact, diet soda can even kill woman.

Isn’t it ironic that people view diet soda as a safe way to lose weight, perceiving it as a healthier option to regular soda? Well, the deceptive drinks do more damage than good, so stop drinking them ASAP.

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