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Pegan diet

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Paleo and Vegan Combine – Peganism is the BEST Diet?

Pegan diet

There continues to be much debate about what the best diet is, but a new study claims your best bet is to go with a combination of paleo and vegan.

Published in the Journal of General Internal Medicine, the study found that the easiest way to achieve weight loss is by following a vegetarian diet. However, the regime is very strict and most people are not up to the challenge.

That’s where the combination of paleo and Veganism, ” Peganism,” comes in. Coined by Dr. Mark Hyman, Peganism is apparently the diet that makes the most “sense” for our health and the environment. Hyman argues:

“This way of eating makes the most sense for our health and the health of our planet. It is sustainable and kinder to animals.”

Interestingly enough, paleo (Paleolithic) and vegan are each on the opposite ends of the diet spectrum, with the former focusing on the consumption of unprocessed foods, including meat, and the latter steering completely away from any form of animal products.

According to Hungry Forever, fruits and vegetables account for 75 percent of the pegan diet, while the remaining 25 percent should be of high-quality fats and animal proteins.

You should focus on vegetables, meat from antibiotic-free animals, high-quality fats (e.g. avocados and olive oil), healthy grains and lentils. Avoid such items as dairy, soy and sugar.

As expected, Peganism has many benefits if followed correctly, including weight loss, lower cholesterol, and a lower risk of developing heart disease and diabetes. You might even live longer.

Even if you can’t follow Peganism exactly as prescribed, low carb diets that are also high in fats often produce positive results with regards to ill heath, with nutritionist Sarah Flower stating:

“The fact that this diet avoids processed foods completely makes it healthier. As with all variations of the paleo diet, they all avoid processed food, so whatever ratio of healthy fats and proteins you choose, it will still be much better for your health than a conventional western diet.”

The concept of Peganism is open to interpretation, but the benefits are clearly there. Do you think you are ready for a pegan lifestyle, and would you say it’s the best diet of them all? Let us know in the comments below.

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