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Detox Your Body without juice

Diet & Health

Here’s How to Detoxify Without Juice

Detox Your Body without juice

When most people think about a detox, the first think that usually comes to mind is a juicer for juicing fruits. Now, while many celebrities attest that juicing is a very easy way to lose weight and improve one’s overall health, there other ways of detoxifying that could prove just as effective, if not more.

For starters, we are not talking about detoxifying with only water, something even the most disciplined people with busy lives struggle to do. We are specifically talking about adopting smart food habits conducive to good health.

Processed food, pizza, fries, burgers

Eliminate Chemicals

We can’t stress enough how bad processed food is for your health, so much so that we urge you to avoid them like the plague if possible.

If you have the money to do so, adopt an all-organic food diet once every month and stay away from anything heavy in preservatives, chemicals and pesticides. Doing so will help you achieve and maintain a healthy-balanced body.

If organic food is not within your budget, opt for homemade soups, pasta and other healthier food choices.

Green tea

Replace Coffee with Green Tea

Coffee has its benefits, but too much of it can harm your body. You should be careful about how much you drink throughout a day or week and where you get your caffeine from.

A better, healthier alternative to coffee is green tea, which contains important antioxidants that our body needs in the most natural form. Similar to coffee, green tea offers a slight caffeine boost that can help get you a jump start in the morning.

woman drinking fresh water

Drink More Water

Water is an essence of life, so even if you think you are drinking enough of it every day, it’s time to take your intake to a whole new level. If ever there was one ultra-effective thing that can easily and naturally help you to detox your body, it is water.

Drinking plenty of water will help flush out the toxins in your body naturally. While there is a general conception that eight glasses are all you need, dramatically increasing your intake will give you the best health benefits.

Man reading on toilet

Regular Bowel Movements

Having regular bowel movement is a good sign that your body is eliminating toxins and other bodily wastes. If you’re having problems with bowel movement, drink plenty of water, eat foods high in fiber and — of course — exercise.

Try to hit the toilet at least once every day to give you’re digestive tract a chance to effectively eliminate the toxins, preservatives and/or wastes that are not being properly disposed of by your body. And don’t forget to drink your water…

Man washing skin

Maintain Good Skin Hygiene

Detoxifying does not only entail the insides of your body, but also the outside. For clear and vibrant skin, exfoliate more regularly by using a soft brush and mild soap to buffer off dead skin cells, allowing new healthy skin to take their place

Start brushing at the feet in a circular motion in one direction before to the upper areas of the body. Do it before the shower so the old skin will wash away.

Man and woman sleeping

Get More Sleep Each Night

Having a diet consisting of only organic food, drinking a lot of green tea and water, daily bowel movements and regular baths will do little for your body if you don’t give it ample time to rest and recuperate. Sleep might be a luxury many of us can’t afford nowadays, but its importance for a healthy lifestyle cannot be denied.

Lack of proper sleep over a long period of time will wear down your body, weakening your immune system, making you gain weight, and depriving you of natural energy. That said, stop viewing sleep as a luxury but rather as something that is very important for your productivity, wellbeing and overall livelihood.

Happy famil, healthy life

Live Healthy, Eat Smart

Believe it or not, but learning to detox your body is not a complicated endeavor. However, you will have to change some of your eating habits and make healthy choices that have been proven to work.

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