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Nut with universe Nut with universe


Apparently, food connects us all, including aliens, and a clean vegan diet could attract extraterrestrial activity. In an interview with Vice News, Laura Magdalene...

Mexican food Mexican food


For many broke college students or just about anyone with the late-night munchies or a wicked hangover, Mexican food is god sent. It’s very...

Hot Cheetos Hot Cheetos


Cheetos are downright delicious, irresistible and, unfortunately, unhealthy, but there is more to them than most people think they known. For instance, did you...

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Vitamin pills

Diet & Health

Calories aside, a healthy serving of vitamins is essential for your health, so don’t skimp. Taking vitamins supplements, as opposed to preferably getting them...

Woman caught eating food

Diet & Health

There have been many studies correlating sleep deprivation with a wide range of health risks, including decrease in alertness and increased risk of heart...

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